Sanborn Central Rebels

Ways to Help

Sanborn Central is involved in many different programs to raise money for various activities and goals. You can help by participating in any or all of the following programs:

Coborn's Grocery Receipts

Coborn's in Mitchell will pay Sanborn Central School District 1% of all grocery receipts collected and turned in to them.

How it works - Saving your Coborn's receipts. You can either drop them off at either school or send them to school with your child, or deliver them to the CorTrust Banks in Artesian and Letcher.

Proceeds - These funds will be used to benefit the Post Prom Committee.


Box Tops for Education

Schools can earn up to $20,000 each just by clipping and saving Box Tops.

How it works - Save Box Tops coupons from hundreds of General Mills products throughout the grocery store. A complete list of products can be found at here. The school will then send in the submitted Box Tops to General Mills. General Mills will send the school a check worth 10¢ for each Box Tops coupon redeemed.

Proceeds - Funds earned will be used by the Vocal Music Department.


Loaves for Learning

Loaves for LearningAs part of their commitment to the communities they serve, the bakers of Country Hearth® and Village Hearth breads are proud to support local K-12 education with Loaves 4 Learning, the program that makes it easy to earn money for our school.

How it works - Save the UPC codes from labels of Country Hearth® and Village Hearth® all natural breads, buns, bagels, rolls and muffins, and turn them into the school where they will be redeemed for educational purposes. Each UPC is worth 5¢, and the school can earn as much as $10,000 per year.

Proceeds - Redeemed labels can be used for books, computers, sports or music, or whatever the school needs.


Campbell's Labels for Education

For 32 years, Campbell's Labels for Education™ program has given schools free educational equipment in exchange for labels from the Campbell family of brands.

How it works - Save the UPC codes from labels on eligible Campbell products and turn them into the school where they will be redeemed for educational equipment.

Proceeds - Redeemed labels to date have been used for a scientific calculator, two cassette players and an overhead projector for the school.

Recycling Printer Cartridges

The company that the school orders inkjet and laser printer cartridges from will recyle used cartridges.

How it works - Drop off used inkjet and laser printer cartridges at the school office, or send them to school in a plastic bag with your child. The school will mail the cartridges to the company they order new ones from, and a deduction will be taken from the school's cost for the new cartridges.

Proceeds - The funds saved will directly benefit the Sanborn Central School District.